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Intercept Blackline
Intercept® Blackline

With an exciting new look, this completely unobtrusive warm edge spacer system tucks neatly below the window sightline making it virtually invisible.

Intercept Blackline is the best warm edge spacer you'll never see!


The Warm Edge Spacer System That Has It All!

Intercept Blackline makes beautiful windows by eliminating the spacer system

from the view of the customer.  Addition by subtraction.

Originally engineered specifically for the UK market, Blackline has also rapidly

gained popularity in North America.  Customers want to see through windows -

not have the components glare back at them.  GED achieved this in part with

Intercept by tucking it deep below the sightline of the frame.  Thanks to UK

customer feedback, we have gone a step further and now with Blackline, there is

really nothing to see.

Additionally, Blackline meets the requirements of both EN 1279 parts 2 and 3 and

Energy Star Standards for maximum energy efficiency.  What's more, its thermally

flexible U-Shape design makes it the most reliable and most durable spacer of all --

no load on the sealant virtually eliminates seal failures.

Intercept is not only the most proven warm edge IG spacer system in the world,

it is the industry's leader.

UK Simulation Models:

Intercept Blackline (PDF)
Intercept Tinplate (PDF)
Intercept ULTRA Blackline (PDF)







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