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GED - The Innovation Leader of the Global Window & Door Fenestration Industry

From its humble beginning on a back porch in 1977, GED Integrated Solutions has moved to its current rank as the state-of-the-art contributor to the glass industry through the determination of its co-founders, Dick Dietrich and Edmund Leopold. Having staked their claim in the North American residential window industry, the two provided window and door fabricators with technologies that increase productivity, reduce insulating glass unit costs, and improve IG quality.

In 1977, during our first year of operation, GED introduced the first Horizontal Hot Melt IG Fabrication equipment, making possible the first high-volume IG Line. The equipment allowed a fabricator to produce over 2000 units per eight-hour shift. In 1987, GED brought to market the first Break-Out Monitors for sorting cut glass into movable slot sorting racks. This GED innovation opened the market for computer-controlled glass cutting, increasing control and decreasing scrap. Soon afterward, the WinSystem 1 software platform completed the integration of the IG department ensuring better output and organization of production. Technological advances such as these caused PPG Industries, Inc. to turn to GED as its manufacturing partner to bring you the revolutionary Intercept® IG Spacer System.

Through continuous improvement initiatives combined with a cellular manufacturing approach, GED has become the most efficient equipment manufacturer in the window and door industry.   GED continued innovations with the introduction of numerous award-winning products in the new millenium including the Smart Extruder, Laminated Glass Cutter, two-tone muntin material, a completely new glass washer and water treatment system and the revolutionary i-3 technology platform. In 2004, GED greatly expanded its reach with the acquisition of Sampson Automation to create GED Integrated Solutions. We are now the only complete solution for the window and door marketplace. The i-3 system is truly world class manufacturing. Stay tuned for more exciting developments.

GED introduced the first horizontal hot melt IG fabrication line and the first high volume IG equipment - for over 2000 units per 8 hour shift
Introduced the first folding locking corner key for use with patented Linear™ extrusion methods and GED Linear Extruders
GED is first to assemble more than one IG unit at a time with its automatic horizontal assembly table
  1980 First Cutting Table and Single Side Loader for single strength glass in sizes up to 102" x 130" - for residential window manufacturers
First Linear Extruder using LinearSKIP™ application
First dual sealant linear co-extruder
First to have "Break-Out Monitor" for sorting cut glass into sorting racks after break-out 1987  
First integrated software system for residential vinyl and aluminum window manufacturing
Introduction of Intercept® Warm Edge Spacer System for production of IG spacers 1991  
  1997 Intergrid® System, the first computer controlled Roll Forming Muntin Machine
1999 Crystal Achievement Award - "Most Innovative Machine for IG Production/Glazing" for Integrid® System 1999  
  2000 Introduction of the Smart Linear Extruder, allowing accurate, no waste application of spacer sealants
2001 Crystal Achievement Award - "Most Innovative Machine Glass/Glazing" for Smart Extruder. 2001  
  2002 Introduction of LeanNet® family of software process solutions; Introduction of new design; fully DI compatible Stainless Steel Glass Washing System
2003 Crystal Achievement Award - "Most Innovative Glazing Technology" for two-tone Muntin Material 2003  
  2004 GED Purchases Sampson Automation

2004 Crystal Achievement Award - "Most Innovative Machine" for CD-8000 Sash Processor i-3 technology platform creates a seamless, lean manufacturing system for window and door production Introduction of the SIGMA automated welding and cleaning system, capable of producing three frames every two minutes with one operator
2005 Crystal Achievement Award - "Most Innovative Machine" - IG Production/Glazing for i-3 Intercept Spacer Frame System (includes Smart Extruder, Oven Press and Clean-Cut Glass Cutting & Edge Deletion) 2005  
GED announces the addition of an expanded customer service center to its Twinsburg, Ohio headquarters facility. The expanded customer service center is the only dedicated training and technical center in the window and door industry.
2007 Crystal Achievement Award - "Unique Innovation" - GED/NxWare Lean Glass Look-Ahead Optimization Software 2007  
  2008 2008 Crystal Achievement Award - "Most Innovative Machine" - Frame, Sash or Door Fabrication - GED's i-3 SmartLoad Welding System - Unprecedented productivity with 400+ cycles per shift.

Introduction of GED's new and revolutionary ColorTRU®- Advanced Profile Coloration System - The most cost effective and production friendly alternative to painting and laminating.

2010 2010 Crystal Achievement Award - "Most Innovative Machine" - Frame, Sash or Door Fabrication - GED's ColorTRU® Advanced Profile Coloration System.
Introduction® of GED's new Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System (ATLAS®) - Adaptive to unique IG unit combinations (both duals and triples), the ATLAS produces triple IGUs in 20 second cycle times. 2011  
  2011 GED's Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System (ATLAS®) Wins "Best of Show" at GlassBuild America 2011, Atlanta Georgia.

2012 Crystal Achievement Award - "Most Innovative Machine" - Glass/IG Processing - GED's Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System (ATLAS).

  2014 2014 Crystal Achievement Award - "Most Innovative Machine - Frame, Sash or Door Fabrication" - GED's ROBOCLEAN™ (RC-2000) Twin-Head Robotic Vinyl Corner Cleaning System

GED Presented with the 2016 "Most Innovative Solution" Award by ABB Robotics for GED's ROBOCLEAN (RC-2000) Twin-Head Robotic Vinyl Corner Cleaning System


2016 Crystal Achievement Award - "Most Innovative Machine" - Intercept® 2.5 Warm Edge Spacer Technology System








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