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Software Solutions for Efficient Production
Scrap Reduction

Look-Ahead Glass Optimization

LeanNET Look Ahead LeanGlass Optimizer (PDF)
Annual cost savings can surpass $40,000 per cutting table beyond standard optimization processes.

Vinyl Optimization
LeanNET Vinyl Optimizer (PDF)
Cost savings can surpass $25,000 per year. Optimization can be utilized across the entire enterprise, even for manual saw operations.

LeanNet scrap reduction

Lean Manufacturing

Remake Process Optimization:
LeanNET Remake NOW SI (PDF)
LeanNET Remake NOW Viewer (PDF)
Slash remake labor costs and turnaround times.

Custom Grid Process Optimization:

LeanNET Grid Designer (PDF)
LeanNET Grid Manager (PDF)
Decrease the labor, time, and remakes required to produce custom grids.

Converting Shop Floor to "On Demand" Process Flow
LeanNET Glass On Demand (PDF)
Utilize glazing line demand to dictate glass and vinyl production flow. "Pull systems" are known to decrease per unit costs by reducing the inefficient use of production labor, machinery, and floor space.

Dual Line Intercept® Process:
WinFrame Dual Line (PDF)
Increase production efficiency by feeding two IG assembly lines with one Intercept® machine.the entire enterprise, even for manual saw operations.

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LeanNet lean manufacturing

Integrated Manufacturing

Integrated Production Control
LeanNET File Manager (PDF)

LeanNet generates and distributes a single file format to computers that control glass machines , vinyl machines, mutin machines , shop floor workstions, and monitors, label and report printers, etc..This greatly simplifies the ever increasing complexity of window manufacturing.

Real-Time Production Feedback
LeanNet automatically monitors machines and processes, providing accurate , up-to-date information to operation personnel.

Speciailty Glass Process Integration:
LeanNET File Manager (PDF)
LeanNET Grid Manager (PDF)
Specialty processes such as tempering,, decorative grid inserts, v-grooving, etc. can be integrated into mainstream production processes to reduce complexity and increase throughput.

On Demand Printing

LeanNET On Demand Printing (PDF)

Print reports and labels on the shop floor as the products are manufactured. Eliminates mass printing , collating, and distribution of reports and labels. Also, can be converted to display on computer monitors, creating a "paperless" plant.

Inspection System
Inspection (PDF)
Improves IG Unit Assembly by visuallly displaying the IG Unit components and their orientation.
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leanNet integrated manufacturing

Downtime Reduction

Preventative Maintenance Email Notifications

LeanNET automatically monitors machine cycle counts in real-time and emails service tickets when Preventative Maintenance is due.

Predictive Maintenance Email Notifications

LeanNET automatically monitors machines in real-time for problems that may go unnoticed or unreported by operators. The software automatically emails maintenance personnel upon surpassing a user defined "machine alert" threshold. No more surprises.
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LeanNet downtime reduction
is your one-stop source for all your glass fabrication needs.

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