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MXS Double Miter-Straight Cut Saws for window fabrication
MXS Series Double
Mitre/Straight Cut Saws
Available with 12" straight cut blade and either 14" or 16" mitre cut blades

These saws are configured with the double mitre saw heads featured in the MX series plus a third saw head for straight cutting. This saw system is capable of three types of cutting:

Double mitre cutting, Straight cutting and Combination straight/mitre cutting

Saws for window fabrication For cutting vinyl,aluminum,
fiberglass, wood and other
non-ferrous materials.
s s
  • Independent linear traveling saw heads
Provides ability to produce zero scrap
  • Individual timing belt drive with precision machined spindles with double bearing support
Cut accuracy repeatability of ± .005"
  • Foot-pedal activated saw heads with pneumatic air cylinder feed
Minimal reliance on operator for consistently accurate and repeatable cuts
  • Customized fixturing and pneumatic clamping for individual applications
Designed to meet your specific application
  • Ability to add secondary fabrication operations
Increased efficiency in your production operations
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
Will provide long term continual operation with minimal maintenance and great availability of parts, today and into the future

Available Downloads:

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