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Roboclean robotic corner cleaner for vinyl windows

Window Frame System

The ROBOFLOW® system, is comprised of three components:
  • QB-2000, integrated robotic handling station
  • SW-7000 robotic welder
  • ROBOCLEAN® (RC-2000) twin head robotic vinyl corner cleaning system
Available Downloads:

Integrated programming for maximum efficiency.
The ROBOFLOW System follows an integrated computerized schedule or bar code generated scheduling to orchestrate the
movements and flow of multi-stack vinyl frames or sashes onto a conveyor to the QB (material handling robot). The QB,
in conjunction with the conveyor, work together to orchestrate movements of the vinyl assemblies into and out of the ROBOCLEAN (RC-2000) cleaner. The QB turns the product around to clean all four sides of the product, as well as remove it and place it onto an offload table that feeds the assembly or glazing lines. The result is a compact vinyl weld and cleaning system that increases quality and throughput, reduces labor and optimizes the efficiency of the operation.

Increases safety of operators by eliminating frame handling between welder, cleaner and assembly lines for optimized flow.

Welding Speed:

4 point welder with the ability to automatically transfer up to 4 frames per weld cycle to the QB-2000 robotic handler.

Labor Reduction:
Reduction in labor utilizing conveyors and Robotic handling of precision welded frames between frame welder and RC2000 Robotic Cleaner.

Increased Throughput:
Increase throughput with simultaneous handling of frames out of the RC2000 cleaner and on to your assembly lines.

Easy Scheduling:

Integrated computerized schedule or bar code generated
scheduling to orchestrate the movements and flow.



Fully modularized and customizable to specific production requirements. Each component can be used together as a total system or with current equipment. This provides flexibility and savings.

System Specification Standard System Equipment
  • Maximum weld capacity: 96" x 120" (subject to profile review)
  • Finished size accuracy: +/- 1/32"
  • Overall dimensions: 22'W x 29'L x 15'H
  • Working height: 34"
  • Ideal Output (Double Stack): Up to 480 Cleaned Frames with one RC2000
  • Maximum Cleaning Capacity: 96"
  • Minimum weld size: 14" x 16" (subject to profile review)
  • Minimum Material Handling Size: 17" x 17" (smaller sizes exceptions in the process)
  • Minimum Cleaning Capacity: 12" - single head mode – (subject to profile review)
  • Minimum Dual Head Cleaning: 20" (subject to profile review)
  • Max Height Cleaning: 6"
  • Approximate System Weight: 17,000 lbs. (Welder, Robotic Handling Unit and Cleaner)
  • Pneumatic requirements (3 drops): (3) 100PSI / 10CFM Total
  • Electrical requirements (3 drops): (1) 240VAC / 3 Phase / 50/60Hz / 60AMP and (2) 480VAC / 3 Phase / 50/60Hz / 40 AMP

  • Protective guarding and surround fence with light curtain
  • Horizontal four point welder (SW7000) with convenience
    load functionality
  • Automatic Robotic material handling system (QB-2000)
  • Transfer of Frame(s) to Buffer,
  • Transfer of Frame(s) to Cleaner
  • Frame Turn around at Cleaner
  • Offload of Frame to Horizontal or Vertical Conveyor (Programmable)
  • Horizontal Robotic Two Head (RC2000) Cleaner with automated material handling
  • GED input file format for Automatic Weld Frame Sizing and Profile Cleaning
System Options
  • Bar Code Reader Software
  • Auto Size and Profile Recognition from Welder
  • Power outfeed conveyor

Call your GED sales rep today at 330.963.5401 for more information, projected shipping dates, or to schedule a visit to see ROBOFLOW first hand.

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