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Auto Strike Double-Strike Router

What is the 2400ASR?

Automatic CNC machine for high output of interior and exterior strike jambs and ball catch head jambs

Jamb types: flat (with our without stop applied); single or double rabbeted; split

How to improve Door production

The best choice for high output of interior and exterior strike jambs

Learn how the 2400ASR can improve your production process.

Easy to operate

Intuitive, graphical touchscreen enables quick, easy selection of functions.

Save labor

High speed cycle allows strike jamb prep on a door production line, or the 2400 can be an independent high-volume workstation.

High Quality

High Frequency Router Motor is quiet, durable, and long lasting.

Output per labor hour

4-5 jambs per minute for single prep jambs, or 3-4 jambs per minute for double prep jambs.

Improve Safety

Heavy steel enclosure and double hand sensors keeps operator’s hands away from moving parts.

Built in the U.S.A.

Avoid supply and shipment delays by using domestically supplied equipment and consumables.