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Machining Center

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What is the 5000 machining center?

High speed prehung door system with automatic hinge application

Over 150 systems have been installed worldwide and millions of doors produced. Giving the 5000 system the reputation as the highest production door machine in the industry.

How to improve Door production

The best choice for high speed production

Learn how the 5000 can improve your production process.

Standard Automatic Predrills

Ensure hinge screws are straight and do not split stile or jamb.

Fully Automated Hinge Application

Standard hinge applicators install 2 or 3 hinges simultaneously.

Optional Automatic Screwfeeder

Automatically loads screws onto bit tips for hinge application.

Convert your 5000 into a production system

Combine the 5000 Machining Center with accessory machines for optimal results.

Output per labor hour

140 doors per hour with high speed option. 120 doors per hour at standard speed.

High speed production

High volume for interior 6'8" residential doors. Produce up to 850 doors per shift.

Built in the U.S.A.

Avoid supply and shipment delays by using domestically supplied equipment and consumables.