Why Do I Need to Update My GED Software?

Keeping your industrial software up to date is important for several reasons: It can protect against new-found security risks that could compromise your data or systems. Cybercriminals often target known vulnerabilities in outdated software to launch attacks. Updating software can patch these security flaws and prevent malicious intrusions. It can introduce updates in your software […]

Why Do I Need GED Software Support?

An industrial software support agreement with GED provides you with the maintenance and support for the IG and vinyl machine and application software that you are using to be more productive. Having this support agreement can offer you several benefits: It can give you access to technical experts who can assist you with the use […]

Optimization Software and Productivity

When most people think of the word “optimization” the immediate thought is material savings. While this is significant reasoning for optimization that alone doesn’t paint a complete picture. First, let’s start with the definition of the word “optimization”. As defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary optimization is an act, process, or methodology of making something (such […]

How To Use Machine Data To Better Understand Your IGU and Window Production

GED Software for vinyl windows and insulating glass unit manufacturing equipment provides three types of software to run a residential window manufacturing facility. These types of software are Scheduling Software, Production Control & Analytics Software, and Machine Software. i-Sight software falls within the Production Control & Analytics Software family. Visualizing Machine Data in Dashboards In […]

For WinTrax™, Do I Have To Buy RFID Software Tags From GED?

Wintrax™ Intelligent Logistics RFID system, provided by GED Software, is used by window manufacturers to track windows throughout the manufacturing process. With several years of developing and testing the WinTrax system, with various tags, we have found specific tags that work best with GED WinTrax. The tags we provide were performance tested specifically for WinTrax […]