Custom Javascript Functionality Testbed to fulfill Laura’s request


I’m building this Testbed out quickly for speed, not looks.
Once approved, we can style things how you need.

The functionality being worked on here is custom Javascript written by Brian McCracken from CWW in an attempt to integrate a CRM and Elementor when neither have a desire to work together natively. Being completely custom in nature, there will be no way to systemize it at a reasonable price point due to each page being different on a system-wide level. That having been said, I can build a plugin but it would be at extensive cost most likely.


If this works as it should, you can now see this section when someone clicks submit/view content on the ClaritySoft webform.


All of your content must be in one section for this to work.

You can still create great layouts, as long as they are all in one section wrapper.