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Savings Calculators

WinTrax Savings Calculator

Want to save money on your production of windows? WinTrax Intelligent Logistics System uses RFID technology and GED Software to locate window components in your facility--and beyond!

WinTrax puts YOU in control.

Learn how you can take advantage of this technology to optimize your manufacturing processes. Not only will you save money, labor, and time, but the WinTrax system pays for itself in months - not years.
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Intercept® Productivity Calculator

Are you an Intercept® customer who’s looking to improve IG productivity by at least 30%, with no additional labor or capital expenses? GED's Productivity Experts can help you find a solution.

Unleash the power of productivity.

Start your productivity improvement journey! Get customized solutions for maximizing your Intercept® spacer throughput, improving product quality, and lowering operational costs, all without adding labor.
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Navigate manufacturing floor layouts.

Envision what's possible for your window, door, and glass production environment.

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Interact with 3D equipment and virtually tour product key features and benefits.

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