6000 Series: Automated Window Glass Cutting System

Maximize. Automate. Enhance.

About 6000 Series: Automated Window Glass Cutting System

Maximize glass utilization while getting the highest yield with the least amount of scrap.  The 6000 Automated Window Glass Cutting System provides improved quality and productivity with high throughput capacity and fast total cycle time.  The 6000 cuts up to 108” x 144” x 5/8” glass sheets, and can simultaneously cut different shapes.  With state-of-the-art scoring precision, it provides accurate and repeatable cut glass lites and break out shift after shift.  For “Just-In-Time” remakes, lites are automatically placed into sequence.  Integrated System Software provides numerous options for sorting, including window line, tempering, beveling and laminating.


  • Unlimited shape capabilities with pneumatic controlled cutting head – capable of tight radius cuts
  • Fully integrated GED optimization software and other GED software modules
  • Integrated one-touch remake capability
  • Automated glass sheet squaring
  • Floating cutting head
  • Shop floor optimization and easy-to-use Manual Data Input (MDI)
  • Fully integrated with automatic glass loading
  • Yield enhancing features: integrated remake optimization; multiple last sheet options; minimum yield sheet selection; filler lite options