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What is the CMM™2.0?

Next generation Colonial Muntin Machine that cuts & notches lineals for variable muntin size & color.

With the capability of processing lineals up to 13′ and optional features like a cutoff saw with batch cutting capabilities, this redesigned machine will help improve the overall pace of your IG production. 

How to improve colonial muntin production

Powered by GED Software with speed & savings in mind.

Learn how CMM 2.0 reinvented colonial muntin machine can improve your muntin production process.

Increase your production speed

CMM 2.0 can notch 1-5 locations at once providing high levels of flexibility and throughput. The output is 1500 to 2000 lineals by one operator in an 8-hour shift.

Quickly change tooling

Each station takes less than 1 minute to change, allowing for high capacity while maintaining variability of product.​

Save money & material

GED Software drives optimization as it saves & recalls window line configurations to minimize scrap. Low inventory costs of materials helps to keep costs low.

Machine Checkpoints

Tour the machine

Get to know CMM™ 2.0. Select a key machine feature to read more.

CMM 2.0 colonial muntin machine rendering
System Software
Integrated with GED Software for less material waste and more efficient production sequencing.
Safety Features
Automatic clamping and sequencing, in conjunction with new PSDI (Presence Sensing Device Initiation) light curtain technology, provide higher throughput and a safer operator environment.
Quick Change Tooling
Capable of punching up to 5
intersections simultaneously, tooling
stations take less than 1 minute to
change allowing for high capacity while
maintaining variability of product.​
Storage Cabinet
Immediate access to tooling or other critical components, such as grid clips.​
Cutoff Saw
Optional saw and locked caging for seamless, safer integration into your operation.
Optional Infeed Table
Ergonomic, clean method for
operator to feed the linear
positioner and saw.

Benefits of the complete Intercept® family

Combine CMM 2.0 with the tried-and-true Intercept® spacer fabrication system and materials for optimal results.

Output per labor hour

The Intercept® spacer system uses less labor to produce more output compared to competitive systems.

Open-source consumable model

Take control of your supply chain using Intercept® spacer systems.

Sourced in the U.S.A.

Avoid supply and shipment delays by using domestically supplied equipment and consumables.

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