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What is Intercept LiteLock™?

A new extruder tip and sealant bead application system for Intercept® licensees

Make stainless steel IG spacers in-house using Intercept® warm-edge spacer fabrication systems and Intercept® spacer materials and consumables.

How to improve spacer production

The best choice for in-house IG production.

Learn how Intercept LiteLock extruder tips can improve your spacer production process.

Maximize window insulating performance

Unique tip design applies sealant with precision for a smoother, more consistent and secure spacer seal on Intercept IGUs.

Improve manufacturing speed

Up to 20% faster IG Oven & Roll Press processing speed while creating a wider processing window.

Save energy & material

Less heat required to finish the IGU in the oven means less energy used. Plus, see savings on sealant as LiteLock uses less material for a better quality seal.

Benefits of the complete Intercept® family

Combine Intercept LiteLock with the tried-and-true Intercept® spacer fabrication system and materials for optimal results.

Output per labor hour

The Intercept® spacer system uses less labor to produce more output compared to competitive systems.

Open-source consumable model

Take control of your supply chain using Intercept® spacer systems.

Sourced in the U.S.A.

Avoid supply and shipment delays by using domestically supplied equipment and consumables.

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