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What is Intercept® 2.5?

The ultimate warm-edge spacer production system that has revolutionized the industry.

Produce window spacers at a rate of up to 85 feet per minute.

Create a 4th corner identical to first 3 corners, for a consistent product.

Superior thermal performance, durability, and strength.

Learn how Intercept® 2.5 makes it faster and less expensive to produce than other spacers.

Quick change

Semi-automatic quick change dies reduce changeover time by quickly alternating between different spacer material types.

Material variety

Produces not only Intercept ULTRA Stainless, but also ThinPlate or BlackLine spacer material types.

Superior throughput

Produces spacers at a rate of up to 85 feet per minute, achieving up to 8 spacers a minute (without muntins).

Machine Checkpoints

Tour the machine

Get to know Intercept® 2.5. Select a key machine feature to read more.
Intercept 2.5 spacer fabrication system rendering
Flanged coil covers
spacer material coil covers
The flanged coil covers come standard on every Intercept 2.5 dual uncoiler. The flanged design prevents tight-loop conditions that can be caused by worn and nicked covers.
Linear bearing loop control
Intercept 2.5 linear bearing loop control
Laser measuring and a target on a linear bearing give precise feedback with no missed reads, even at full speed. Note the laser dot on the block and the laser readout as the loop moves.
Material sensing and display
Intercept 2.5 sensor bankIntercept 2.5 spacer material beacon
This sensor bank identifies the material in the machine and passes that information to the color-coded light above and other portions of the machine, such as the quick-change dies.
Quick change dies
Intercept 2.5 quick change dies
The redesigned dies allow for a one-time setup of the dies, and then the machine automatically switches between die sets based on the material composition.
PLC Control
Intercept 2.5 PLC control
Full PLC readout and controls at each station simplify setup and adjustments. Operators and leads can check machine settings at any time and adjust when needed.
Pneumatic brakes
pneumatic brakes locked
The pneumatic brakes are controlled with the click of a button at the PLC readout stations. No more manual braking, which greatly simplifies setup and adjustments.
Hi-speed electronic crimper
high speed spacer crimper
The redesigned crimper shortens the reaction time so you can run full speed without missing the corner.
Integrated E-stop circuit
machine e-stop
Now with the integrated E-stops, all of them light up when one is activated, but the activated E-stop flashes to identify the location that needs reset.
Location of main enclosure (not pictured)
machine control enclosure
The relocated main enclosure is such a simple change with a big impact. Now the main controls are right where all the action is to eliminate all that wasted walking.

Benefits of the complete Intercept® family

Combine GED glass fabrication systems with the tried-and-true Intercept® spacer fabrication system for optimum quality and capacity at the lowest total cost.

Output per labor hour

The Intercept® spacer system uses less labor to produce more output compared to competitive systems.

Open-source consumable model

Take control of your supply chain using Intercept® spacer systems.

Sourced in the U.S.A.

Avoid supply and shipment delays by using domestically supplied equipment and consumables.

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