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What is SmartExtruder™+?

Extremely precise spacer sealant application system that delivers the exact amount of sealant to the right location, every time.

Control quality and tracking throughout the production shift.​

How to improve spacer sealant application

Reduce sealant application inconsistencies once and for all.

Learn how SmartExtruder+ can improve your Intercept® spacer production process.

Precise material dispensing

New control platform with a faster scan rate and response time means a tighter dispense tolerance for starts/stops/skips using encoder-based technology.

Servo position control

Side heads have individual start/stop control with alignment adjustment.​

Faster response times

A storage reservoir has been added to the pneumatic circuit to improve response time of the dispense valves.

Machine Checkpoints

Tour the machine

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Optional dual desiccant
dual desiccant head tooling on sealant and desiccant application system
The desiccant heads are expandable up to 6 widths, and an additional desiccant station can be added to accommodate different colors.
Optional co-extrusion
desiccant co-extrusion attachment
The co-extrusion of back and side sealants makes it possible to utilize different materials for the sides and the back. Save costs and refine your process with this option.
Optional dual heat pumps
dual heat pumps for sealant and desiccant applicator
When you can't afford extruder downtime for material changeovers, an additional hot melt pump solves the problem. Switch between pumps to keep your extruder constantly running and ready with an extra barrel of material.
Operator convenience controls
operator controls for sealant and desiccant application system
Now the operator has easy control over the conveyor right where you complete the work.

Benefits of the complete Intercept® family

Combine the SmartExtruder™+ with the tried-and-true Intercept® spacer fabrication system and entire GED line of IG production equipment.

Output per labor hour

The Intercept® spacer system uses less labor to produce more output compared to competitive systems.

Open-source consumable model

Take control of your supply chain using Intercept® spacer systems.

Sourced in the U.S.A.

Avoid supply and shipment delays by using domestically supplied equipment and consumables.

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