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What is TruWeld™?

Next generation of GED horizontal 4-point welders for frames & sashes providing faster cycle times.​

TruWeld builds on the strength of GED’s current welder family by adding several features that makes it the fastest, most precise and the most flexible welder on the market.

How to improve speed

Optimal speed to keep pace with your automated vinyl production.

Learn how TruWeld servo speed welder can boost your production throughput.

Cycle time speed

Increase throughput as you reduce heat and cool cycle times by up to 50%.

Quality in precision

Produce more quality and consistent welds with automatic squaring and independently referenced fixtures.

Optimal flexibility

Use as a stand alone welder or combine with the powerful RoboFlow PT automated welder + cleaner for unmatched speed and precision.

Machine Checkpoints

Tour the machine

Get to know TruWeld™. Select a key machine feature to read more.

TruWeld servo speed welder machine rendering
Servos & Programming
machine servo
Provides custom force vs time programmability resulting in improved quality and at faster cycles for higher levels of production.​ Up to 50% reduction in heat and cool cycle times ensuing higher throughput​.
Size Measuring Device
machine size measuring device
Is used to automatically determine the size of the profiles and adjust the welder accordingly, which reduces rework and improves quality​.
Quad Stack Fixture Option
Four welding fixtures on a machine welding head for multiple stacks of window frame pieces.
Provides increased throughput or profile flexibility​.
Beam Movement
Welder machine beam
Welder is center referenced – both beams move together and align with the center of the welder, for use in GED’s RoboFlow™ PT automated, robotic passthrough system​.
Independently Referenced Fixtures
Four fixtures on a head of a welding machine.
Fixtures on the weld head move independently, providing a more consistent and quality weld, resulting in a better-looking finished window product​.
Welder Configuration
Welder machine electrical control cabinet.
Both left and right-hand variants are available for maximum flexibility​.
Mechanical Structure
Welder beam.
Enhancements to the machine structure reduce ​movement while welding, resulting in tighter weld tolerances.

Benefits of a fully automated welding & cleaning line

Combine TruWeld™ with the robotic speed and precision of RoboFlow® PT for unmatched frame and sash production.

Enhanced speed

Provides maximum throughput from weld through clean.

Consistency in quality

Servos combined with robotic automation means repeatable, consistent quality welds and cleans.

Sourced in the U.S.A.

Avoid supply and shipment delays by using domestically supplied equipment and consumables.

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