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Norfield Magnum pre-hung door machine line layout
E-Series Magnum Pre-Hung Door Line

Fast, precise door & jamb machining for interior, exterior and commercial doors.

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This series includes:

Strike Jamb Prep

Versatile jamb router with double prep template for interior or exterior jambs

Systems in this Category:

Stop Stitcher

Increase prehung door output with pre-applied stop. Eliminate manual stop application bottleneck.

Systems in this Category:

Exterior Door Line

Fast, automated door lite cutting & lock prep. Minimal training required.

Learn more about 4900CNC Automated Door Lite Cutter

Other Systems in this Category:

NEW 2400 Strike Jamb Prep

Automatic CNC machine for high output of interior & exterior strike jambs and ball catch head jambs.

Learn more about 2400ASR Auto Double-Prep Strike Router

Norfield 5000 pre-hung door machine line layout
5000 Pre-Hung Door Line

High speed prehung door system with automatic hinge application.

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The 5000 Line Includes:

Norfield Eagle pre-hung door machine line layout
Eagle Pre-Hung Door Line

For high production of prehung doors up to 8'

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Eagle includes:

Casing Cutter

For high speed production of prehung door casing legs and heads.

Learn more about 1130CNC Casing Saw

Other Systems in this Category:

Hinge Jamb Prep

High production hinge jamb router

Systems in this Category:

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