Intercept LiteLock™

A new extruder tip and sealant bead application system for Intercept® licensees

About Intercept LiteLock™

Better Window-Making. Better Windows.

The Intercept LiteLock™ system by GED Integrated Systems and Vitro is a new extruder tip and sealant bead application system that provides licensees of Intercept® insulating glass technology with extraordinary efficiency, performance and quality improvements.

Intercept LiteLock™ facilitates 30% to 50% faster Oven & Roll Press processing speed while creating a wider processing window. The impact on the Intercept® insulating glass unit (IGU)? A more consistent and secure spacer seal that maximizes window insulating performance. The impact on your operations? Not only more speed, but also lower temperatures, reduced energy consumption, precise sealant application and a smoother, more forgiving application process. The system also has been rigorously tested with triple glazed IGUs.

Upgrading your existing GED Intercept® spacer system to Intercept LiteLock™ is a minimally invasive process compatible with all GED SmartExtruder™ i-3 sealant and desiccant application systems.


High-Speed Processing

  • 30-50% faster processing through Intercept® Oven & Roll Press
  • Cooler finished IGUs out of the Oven & Roll Press
  • Elimination or reduction in works-in-progress (WIPs) prior to gas fill and seal
  • Reduced consumable parts cost (emitters)
  • Ability to cold-press using specific sealants (i.e., H.B. Fuller 5500 PIB)

Wider Processing Window

  • Improved ability for double-glazed IGUs to achieve consistent sealant thickness over a wider range of GED Oven & Roll Press processing variables
  • Consistent seal thickness on all four sealant layers with triple IGUs
  • More tolerant of spacer splay and handling damage during spacer folding
  • Proper sealant wet-out that is less dependent on spacer splay

Improved Glass and Spacer Adhesion

  • Greater surface area of the sealant is exposed to IR heating in the GED Oven & Roll Press – 48% more than standard extruder tips
  • Less dependent on roll pressing to move sealant to final dimensionally tolerant position
  • Pre-compression to the spacer substrate creates a more uniform, secure seal
  • Reduction of air entrapment along the original wet-out contact point for superior adhesion to glass

Sealant Material Reduction

  • Precise application and reduced squeeze-out minimizes waste
  • Elimination of material press-out the back of Intercept spacers
  • Reduces possibility of unwanted sealant beyond the glass edge
  • Reduces sealant sticking to carts and gloves

Robust Triple IG Processing

  • Rigorously tested process with thickness/temperature recommendations
  • Robust adhesion using a combination of cooler temperatures and pressure

Optimized Process Efficiency

  • High speed, low-temperature processing through Oven & Roll Press
  • Reduced oven power consumption by 20-40%
  • Energy savings (electric to run Oven & Roll Press)
  • Faster IR heating of sealant due to increased surface area vs. standard tips
  • Shortens staging time for argon filling

Easy to Upgrade

  • Minimally invasive upgrade
  • Compatible with all GED SmartExtruder™ i-3 sealant and desiccant application systems