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1. Gas Fill

RoboSeal is designed to use any gas filling system, you just need to feed it 12 ports. Whatever gas fill system you are comfortable with can be setup on RoboSeal.


2. Vision system at Infeed

RoboSeal runs independent of a schedule. First, a camera detects the specifications of the IG and stores the information until it is needed in future stages.




3. Automatic adjustment

The camera on the first robot determines the coordinate location of the gas fill hole and adjusts accordingly to insert the gas lance without touching the IG at any point.



4. Process 12 at a time

The gas filling mechanism is designed to simultaneously fill up to 12 IG at a time. So now, even using standard gas filling equipment, RoboSeal can keep up with the pace of Intercept production.




5. Fill triples or doubles

Using IG specs captured at infeed, RoboSeal automatically adjusts to triples or doubles, filling 4 gas holes at a time on each cart. For example, 2 triples or 4 doubles.




6. Robotic Closure

With robotic precision the gas fill hole is closed off with GED’s fastener, the Scrivet, for perfect closure every time.



7. Sealing

The final robot utilizes best practices to pre-condition the sealant on the spacer before choosing from a variety of nozzle tips to apply the 4th corner patch.



8. Go/no-go indicator at offload

Automatic unloading includes a green/red visual indicator of whether the IG was processed normally or if there was an error in the process, providing the operator full confidence in their work.