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RoboFlow™ PT

The RoboFlow family of products streamlines the process from welding through cleaning. The RoboFlow™ PT rounds out the RoboFlow product family as a pass through system that takes cut vinyl from welding through cleaning with just one operator at faster cycle times.

After welding up to four profiles at once, the profiles are moved on conveyors to cleaning. Four robotic cleaning heads reduce cycle times while maintaining the highest levels of precision and repeatability. The versatile tooling package on each robot head allows for cleaning, and fabrication during the cleaning cycle. The blend of robotics and automation with our equipment reduces labor, speeds up your process, and improves your windows.

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RoboSeal™, a breakthrough in system automation from GED leverages robotic technology for an efficient, higher quality fourth corner gas fill, close and seal for IG units.

The first fully automated, robotic gas fill, close and seal system in the industry, RoboSeal efficiently finishes the assembly process of both double and triple pane Intercept® insulating glass units (IIGU). First, IIGUs that have been oven-pressed and cooled on a vertical conveyor are loaded into the RoboSeal system. IIGUs are then fed into three automated, robotic stations: quick gas fill; close; and seal. The end result is a high quality, consistent, automated fourth corner sealing process.

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Utilizing cutting-edge RFID technology, WinTrax™ intelligent logistics system tracks window assemblies through the production process to shipment. A manufacturer can see real-time product location as window assemblies with uniquely-encoded tags pass through gateways at each production stage. Gain complete visibility of any window and reduce material, labor and production costs.

WinTrax will give you the ability to oversee your entire vinyl window production from start to finish, inside and outside your manufacturing facility.

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Intercept® 2.5 for Glass Window Spacers

With the Intercept® 2.5, industry professionals are assured an ease of transition, operation and maintenance, along with improved productivity.  Built to improve speed, it can produce spacers at a rate of up to 85 feet per minute, achieving up to 8 spacers a minute (without muntins).  Industry professionals will recognize the familiar footprint and marvel at the very latest state-of-the-art technologies that easily enables the production of not only Intercept ULTRA Stainless, but also ThinPlate or BlackLine.

Providing superior thermal performance, durability and strength, Intercept 2.5 makes it faster and less expensive to produce than other spacers.  Not only does the 2.5 allow for “Just-in-Time” production in the order required without operator errors, it also eliminates internal muntin grid misalignment with precise notching and snap-in muntin clips.  The control system provides significant hardware reduction, making operations and maintenance trouble-free.  Patented technology ensures the integrity of the 4th corner identical to first 3 corners, for a consistent product.

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GED’s SmartExtruder+™ delivers the exact amount of sealant to the right location throughout the production shift. Its precision gear pump eliminates pressure spikes and reduces inconsistencies due to material viscosity, air pressure or ambient temperature. From easy set-up, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting with no downtimes, the extruder provides material savings and consistent high quality. Improvements to this edition of the GED Extruder include upgrades to pneumatic plumbing (for a better response time of the dispense valves) and the ability to adjust parameters (if one of the side heads is lagging or leading) to align the start/stops/skips. Over 15 years of improved hardware technology is incorporated in the new control platform, including new encoder based dispensing that eliminates the need for timers inside the controller, resulting in a much tighter dispense tolerance for starts/stops/skips. Apply sealant and desiccated matrix to within 0.1 g/ft. of desired thickness for improved quality and cost savings, and eliminate fluctuations in the material application from air pressure, material viscosity, or ambient temperature changes.

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Get Connected to GED at Glass Build America 2019

Learn how to get production facilities connected from top to bottom with insights from GED, a leading window equipment manufacturer. Explore new robotic systems, MES software, value-added services, intelligence logistics and more. As you approach the booth from the main entrance, you will see both familiar and new products. In-booth experiences, like interactive robotic stations and augmented reality glasses, will engage visitors through automation and technology. In addition, show-goers can learn how GED’s value-added services and new eCommerce site for ordering parts online expand their company’s capabilities.

The center of the booth will be dedicated to GED Software, which debuts its new visual brand identity, connecting GED machinery and providing valuable data feedback on production processes. Demonstrations will show how GED Software connects window and glass systems on a manufacturing floor, adding tremendous value to a window production facility. GED has maintained ISO 9001 certification since 1996 and recently transitioned to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

GlassBuild America 2019 in Atlanta is presented by the National Glass Association, now combined with the Glass Association of North America, along with association sponsors, the Window & Door Dealers Alliance, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance as well as publications like Glass Magazine and Window & Door.