GED Intercept® Spacer Fabrication Systems, Ultra Focus

For Intercept® GEN 2, 2.5 & i-3 Spacer Fabrication Systems

About GED Intercept® Spacer Fabrication Systems, Ultra Focus

Designed to provide maintenance technicians and maintenance supervisors with comprehensive knowledge of the setup and calibration of GED Intercept® Spacer Fabrication Systems running Ultra stainless steel spacer material. This course concentrates on the mechanical aspects of all new components used only with Intercept systems running Ultra material. This includes major setups and adjustments required to maintain GED Intercept systems at peak performance.


2½ days


Classes Tuesday – Thursday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Classes end Thursday between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM

*Note:  This course is not designed to be taken in lieu of the GED Intercept® Spacer Frame Machine Maintenance course but rather in addition to. Please see GED Intercept Spacer Fabrication System Maintenance for information on this course. The GED SmartExtruder and Hot Melt Pumps are NOT covered in this course. This course only covers the Ultra components of the Intercept systems. Please see GED SmartExtruder Maintenance for training offered on these machines.


  • Feeder Press alignment and calibration
  • Feeder Press die adjustments
  • Crimping station setup and alignment
  • Preventive maintenance guidelines, schedule, and checklist