Copy Routers & End Mills

Single and twin head copy routers and automatic end mills

About Copy Routers & End Mills

Copy routers are designed for routing aluminum or vinyl and can be customized with the required templates, fixturing and gauging to meet your specific routing requirements.

The EM Series End Mills are designed for high performance milling of end contours on parts made from vinyl or aluminum extruded lineals.  These rugged and dependable machines are available in models ranging from 1.5 HP to 7.5 HP and can be customized with required cutter sets and fixturing to meet your specific milling requirements.  Minimal reliance is put on the operator, for consistently good cuts and smooth, chip-free mill finish.  The models are designed for accuracy, high performance, and long-term continual operation.



Copy Routers

AS70 – Manual Single Head Copy Router:

  • 10″ x 10″ routing capacity, 1.0 HP motor, horizontal material clamping

EM Series End Mills

  • Linear mill feed foot-pedal activated via pneumatic cylinder
  • Direct drive motor with precision machined spindles and double bearing support
  • Custom fixtures and cutter sets designed to meet specific applications
  • Available in capacities up to 8″ cutter stack, 15″ mill travel and 10″ cutter diameter


  • Adjustable pneumatic mill feed speed
  • Automatic pneumatic foot pedal circuitry
  • Adjustable vertical pneumatic material clamping
  • Designed primarily for vinyl extrusion

EM3, EM5, EM7:

  • Pneumatic mill feed with hydrocheck control
  • Automatic pneumatic foot pedal circuitry
  • Adjustable cutter positioning with hand wheel control