DC-10 Series Notching Saws

Notching Saws for Vinyl or Aluminum Window Parts

About DC-10 Series Notching Saws

The DC-10 Series of notching saws are specifically designed for end notching of vinyl or aluminum window parts.  These machines can be configured for 90° notching, 135° notching and/or compound notching, perfect for cutting vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wood and other non-ferrous materials.  The DC-10 provides consistent, high-quality cuts and long-term continual operation with minimal maintenance.

Model: DC-10

  • 2-track fixtures (jamb/jamb or sill/sill)

Model: DC-10R

  • 2-track fixtures (jamb/jamb or sill/sill)
  • Pneumatic routers for secondary mitre trim


  • Foot pedal activated, pneumatically controlled, dual-bladed linear traveling saw system
  • Triple precision linear rod and bearing design for saw travel with direct drive 1.5 HP TEFC motors
  • Customized fixturing with pneumatic clamping for individual applications
  • Pneumatic, Cross Cut Style Saw Feed
  • Custom 2-Track fixtures
  • Adjustable Saw Feed Rate Control
  • Adjustable Pneumatic Part Stop
  • Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator