Double mitre notching saw

About MN-14

The MN-14 double mitre notching saw provides accurate, high-volume, consistent mitre cutting.  This saw is a rugged, high performance, foot pedal activated machine designed for long-term continual operation with minimal maintenance. Used for cutting vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wood and other non-ferrous materials, MN-14 saws can be built to meet specific applications.  With minimal reliance on the operator for consistently accurate and repeatable cuts, you’re able to focus on increasing production efficiency.


  • Chop style design with 8” tapered roller bearing pivot and cut accuracy repeatability of ±0.005”
  • Timing belt drive with precision machined spindles and double bearing support
  • Foot pedal activated saw heads utilizing pneumatic cylinder
  • Customized fixturing and pneumatic clamping for individual applications
  • Heavy-duty machined cast components for saw head, pivot assembly and motor base
  • Precision ground steel table and steel front fence configuration
  • Voltage overload protection
  • Adjustable saw feed rate control