CleanCut 1700 Series machine checkpoint labels

Note: Edge Deletion is optional to most economically fit your needs. Breaker Bar accessory is also optional.

1: Cutting Fluid Reservoir & Deletion Filter

Easy refilling of glass cutting fluid and glass deletion filter change. High-efficiency vacuum and HEPA deletion filter keeps the operating environment clean.

3: Glass Sheet Production Speed

The cutting and deletion head designs and optimized movement algorithm streamline glass sheet cycle time resulting in increased throughput​.

5: ZPDs (Zero Position Drives) & End-Stops

GED's tried and true positive glass squaring method is extremely quick, accurate and robust.

7: Computer-Controlled Cutting & Deletion Heads

Automatically adjusts cutting force and speed to dynamically switch between glass thickness and shape and standard rectangular cuts providing seamless change-overs and excellent edge quality.

9: X & Y Drive Systems

New, innovative, low-backlash, high-precision X and Y drive systems allow for highspeed and high-acceleration capabilities.

2: Oversized Breakout Monitor

Provides excellent visual management to the operator for sequencing lites. Left or right mounting locations for installation flexibility.

4: Regeneration Brake System

Feeds dynamic breaking energy directly back to the grid, or re-use by other equipment on your factory floor, providing a savings on your energy bill.

6: Machine Software

GED Software leads the industry with optimization, glass yield and schedule / recipe-driven or dynamic head force adjustments. Pre-programmed pattern routines provide glass processing consistency.

8: Floating Head Designs

GED's floating head designs assure consistent score quality and edge deletion wheel contact force over the entire table.

10: Rotary Actuator

GED's innovative edge deletion rotary actuator design ensures direct coupling of electronics from drive system to control.