ATLAS® 2.0 Glass Fabrication

Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System.

About ATLAS® 2.0 Glass Fabrication

ATLAS® 2.0 is a revolutionary glass fabrication system that produces triple pane IGUs in 20 second cycle times. The flexibility of ATLAS, its schedule-driven production and seamless integration for existing Intercept® lines are only a few of its exceptional innovations. Suitable for handling Intercept Warm Edge as well as standard type and most other brand spacers, ATLAS is adaptive to a range of unique IGU combinations, including efficient assembly of dual or tri-pane units from 14 x 16 to 72 x 100 inches in size and in any order sequence. The machine-controlled consistency ensures uniform, high-quality IGUs complete with an optimum level of production – dual units at six per minute and triple units at three per minute. Advanced engineering combined with heavy-duty construction makes this system built to last.


  • Seamless integration with existing GED Intercept® lines and other spacer systems
  • Designed to be flexible, with schedule-driven production
  • Visual software interface provides grid, spacer and glass alignment
  • Non-contact center lite handling of triple IGUs using vacuum lift mechanisms
  • Touchless assembly automatically aligns and assembles center lite
  • Queue Management – “Remake/Remove/Add” features
  • Automatic assembly of large units and patio doors
  • Safety zones and safety features protect operators
  • Straight-through configuration
  • Handles small and large IGUs, duals and triples, in any order or combination

Product Family



Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System

Upgrade Options

  • Spare Parts Kits
  • IG Assembly System—Oven Interface
  • ATLAS entry light mounting