Free-Fall Glass Rack & Base

The glass rack is designed for off-loading sheets of glass from standard crate glass packs.  The rugged, sturdy glass base is designed for use with reusable steel racks.
  • Rugged structural steel design of both racks and bases, with a capacity of 8,000lbs.
  • Fits multiple glass sizes and float manufacturers’ configurations
  • Manual or auto loader compatible

Glass Harp Carts

Harp Carts organize lites as the computer software assigns a number to each cut lite.
  • Rugged structural steel design with multiple base and divider options designed to fit your needs
  • Designed by glass experts for multiple sizes and types to fit your plant requirements
  • Labeled slots to fit with GED WinIG® software system so it’s easy to organize production for the rest of the plant

IGU Carts

A complete line of IGU Carts for moving completed units throughout your plant.
  • Top dividers available in swinging arms and wooden harp dividers
  • Bottom dividers available in swinging arms, wooden harp dividers or pegs
  • Available in 40 or 50 IGUs per rack

Roller & Caster Tables

Designed with easy glide wheels for improved glass handling and reduced scratching.
  • Rugged steel design for a long lasting product
  • Designed by glass experts for multiple sizes and types to fit your plant requirements
  • 360° industrial quality casters to improve handling and reduce scratching

Overhead Conveyor System

The open-ended, curved design helps eliminate side sealant bead and matrix damage caused by improper operator spacer placement.
  • Photo-eye index control for automatic operation
  • Rugged tubular frame construction provides a long life
  • Slip-on, high temperature, non-stick hook covering
  • Spacer hanger guard prevents improper conveyor loading

Muntin Assembly Station

A fully adjustable assembly station allows for faster assembly and improved ergonomics to maximize your throughput.
  • Rugged steel design for a long-lasting product with superior parts and service support
  • Designed by muntin experts — precisely engineered to fit your plant requirements
  • Assembly station is fully adjustable, for faster assembly and improved ergonomics

Muntin Tree

Safely transports up to 50 assembled muntin frames of any configuration.
  • Hook surface is 85” from the floor to handle extra tall assemblies
  • Non-marring, replaceable silicone sleeves protect assemblies from scratching
  • Shock cords keep muntin assemblies in place when the tree is being moved