GED Software drives your IG and window production by connecting your front-end system directly to your glass and window fabrication systems.

No one offers a more comprehensive manufacturing execution system (MES) to tie every aspect of your manufacturing process together than GED.

It was GED that first brought a holistic approach to production management software. Our award-winning, industry-leading software easily integrates with your current system, providing seamless connections for future expansion.

Inherent flexibility allows GED Software to conform to your production requirements. When you want to synchronize every aspect of your operation, GED Software is the best choice.

i-3 Technology

Create a Lean Manufacturing Facility with GED’s i-3 Technology

With GED i-3 Technology your entire plant works seamlessly. Through the benefit of a proven software system that’s ‘plug and play’ you’ll save labor, decrease lead times, accommodate remakes and rush orders easily and monitor quality at every step of the process. In other words, gain control, and eliminate confusion on your floor.

Customization to fit your needs

Not only do we offer a current list of products, but we also have the ability to create custom software solutions to fit your production needs. Call 330-963-5401 for more information and to discuss your custom software needs with a GED Software Engineer.

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