Automated batch cutting saws for lineal optimization

About SD20

The SD20 saw continues the long-standing tradition set by our original Sampson brand family of vinyl window fabrication systems.  It is an automated vinyl lineal saw for window fabrication designed to allow for cutting multiple tracks at 45° and/or 90°, as well as a variety of profiles with quick-change fixtures.  This automation system ensures fast, accurate and repeatable performance with zero scrap, optimizing the quality of cut versus speed.  The servo controlled linear actuator for lineal positioning and use of direct driven saw blades means higher reliability, less parts and maintenance, and more up time.


  • Automatic in-feed pusher system, with closed loop motion control
  • Quick-change, color-coded fixtures and guards for processing multiple profiles on the same line
  • State-of-the-art electronics package and GED’s Lineal Optimization software for more production efficiency
  • Totally enclosed housing with access doors for guarding and safety
  • Roll out dust/chip collection trays for easy cleanup/maintenance
  • Direct drive = higher reliability. Independent up cut style miter (45°) saw heads with direct driven saw blades
  • Pneumatic linear crosscut 90° blade with adjustable feed rate control and direct drive motor