DC10 Series Notching Saws

Notching Saws for Vinyl or Aluminum Window Parts

About DC10 Series Notching Saws

The DC10 Series of notching saws are specifically designed for end notching of vinyl or aluminum window parts. These machines can be configured for 90° notching, 135° notching and/or compound notching, perfect for cutting vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wood and other non-ferrous materials. The DC10 provides consistent, high-quality cuts and long-term continual operation with minimal maintenance.

Model: DC10

  • 2-track fixtures (jamb/jamb or sill/sill)

Model: DC10R

  • 2-track fixtures (jamb/jamb or sill/sill)
  • Pneumatic routers for secondary mitre trim


  • Foot pedal activated, pneumatically controlled, dual-bladed linear traveling saw system
  • Triple precision linear rod and bearing design for saw travel with direct drive 1.5 HP TEFC motors
  • Customized fixturing with pneumatic clamping for individual applications
  • Pneumatic, Cross Cut Style Saw Feed
  • Custom 2-Track fixtures
  • Adjustable Saw Feed Rate Control
  • Adjustable Pneumatic Part Stop
  • Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator