Speed. Precision. Flexibility

About TruWeld™

TruWeld™ builds on the strength of GED’s current welder family by adding several features that makes it the fastest, most precise and the most flexible welder on the market.


  • Robust base and beams provides more stability, less deflection and eliminates flex, ensuring more consistent and higher quality welds at all levels of the fixtures.
  • Servo driven ball screw actuated weld heads provide quick, smooth and precision positioning, which ensures higher levels of production while providing a consistent and high-quality product.
  • Precision roller pinion on the secondary beam keeps head positions synchronized with zero backlash, providing a more consistent finished product.
  • Independent encoder on secondary beams guarantees precise positioning, which provides for a high-quality finished product.
  • Billet aluminum mounting plates add to the rigidness of the welder, leading to continued consistency of product.
  • Servo-driven setting and heating plate are programed to optimize welds and provide speed and accuracy, leading to quicker cycle times, which translates to higher levels of production.
  • Thermally isolated heater plates ensure precision heater plate temperature stability which provides a high-quality and consistent weld.
  • Blown fuse indicators for heater rods provide easy identification of a heater cartridge that needs replacing ensuring quick and easy maintenance, continual high-quality welds, and maximum uptime.
  • Multiple level fixtures mean less changing of fixtures for numerous product configurations—there is no wasted time in changing fixtures resulting in higher throughput.
  • Rigid aluminum offload conveyors are designed for heavy loads, which provides durability and more uptime.
  • Independent variable frequency drives on offload conveyors ensure product is offloaded consistently. This is important especially when coupled with an automated conveying system leading to a robotic cleaner.
  • Adjustable feet for machine leveling provides level welding for a quality product and for ensuring alignment when coupled to an automated conveying system.
  • Large 21.5” touchscreen HMI means less scrolling, making it easier for operators to quickly identify information to maintain a high level of production.
  • Remote I/O reduces wiring which provides ease of maintenance.
  • Light curtains provide high levels of safety and ease of access when required.

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