RoboFlow™ PT System

Fully-Automated Vinyl Welder / Cleaner System

About RoboFlow™ PT System

The RoboFlow PT is a complete system with three main components

  1. A center-referenced 4-point vinyl welder that can weld up to 4 sash or frame at a time
  2. Articulating conveyors to move sash and frame from the welder to cleaner
  3. 4 head robotic station for cleaning and fabrication

The RoboFlow family of products streamlines the process from welding through cleaning. The RoboFlow PT rounds out the RoboFlow product family as a pass through system that takes cut vinyl from welding through cleaning with just one operator at faster cycle times.

After welding up to four profiles at once, the profiles are moved on conveyors to cleaning. Four robotic cleaning heads reduce cycle times while maintaining the highest levels of precision and repeatability. The versatile tooling package on each robot head allows for cleaning, and fabrication during the cleaning cycle. The blend of robotics and automation reduces labor, speeds up your process, and improves your windows.


  • Eliminate handling between welder and cleaner
  • 4-point welder with the ability to automatically transfer up to 4 profiles per weld cycle
  • Integrated computerized schedule or bar code-generated scheduling
  • Versatile tooling package for cleaning and fabrication
  • 4 robot cleaning stations for short cycle times
  • Convenience loading of the welder
  • Powered offload or gravity drop table
  • Frame and sash versions
  • Dust and scrap conveyor
  • Eliminate need for manual touch-up

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