Training Your Future IG and Vinyl Experts

At GED our top priority is our customers’ success—when you succeed, so do we.  In order to ensure our customers are efficiently producing high-quality products, we offer a variety of training courses to certify your employees in proper maintenance and operation of state-of-the-art GED equipment and technology. Our mission is to equip your staff with crucial industry knowledge—as well as machine-specific and technical knowledge—essential to maintain and operate GED products such as the Intercept® Spacer Fabrication Systems and RoboClean® vinyl corner cleaning system. GED’s training staff will use both theory and “hands-on” instruction styles to approach the course work. Get your glass and/or window production facility operating at optimum quality, safety and efficiency by enrolling your manufacturing and operations team in GED Training courses.

Learning Experiences

GED offers in-house (at the new GED Customer Experience [CX] Center) and on-site (at your manufacturing facility) and online training.


Send a team from your company to get a hands-on learning experience at GED.


GED will come to your site and train employees on your GED equipment.


Register online to access select GED Training courses from anywhere.

Send a team from your company to get a hands-on learning experience in GED’s new Customer Experience (CX) Center. Equipped with GED’s vinyl and IG production lines and 2 training rooms (one for software training and the other for equipment training), our 24,000 square foot CX Center grants trainees access to machines and tools needed to complete a series of courses. Courses include classroom time and “hands-on” lab time working on actual machines, plus time in our Software Lab using GED Software.

Each class includes written reference materials for students to keep, and students who successfully complete the course receive a certificate. Learn more about what is expected of trainees by reading the FAQs.

Please note: Deadline for registration of in-house training courses is 2 weeks prior to the training event.
NOTE: If you have an interest in the Intercept® i-3 Maintenance course, please contact Ken Collier (scroll for contact information).

Upcoming In-House Training Courses

MonthTraining CourseStart DateDays
FebruaryRoboClean® (RC2000) Corner Cleaner Maintenance2/20/23Mon-Thurs
MarchIntercept® 2.5 Maintenance3/6/23Mon-Fri
MarchSmartExtruder™+ & Pumps Maintenance3/13/23Mon-Fri
MarchIntercept® 2.5 Operations3/27/23Tues-Fri
AprilIG Supervisors Workshop4/11/23Tues-Thurs
AprilRoboClean® (RC2000) Corner Cleaner Maintenance4/24/23Mon-Thurs
MayIntercept® i-3 Maintenance5/8/23Mon-Fri
MaySmartExtruder™+ & Pumps Maintenance5/15/23Mon-Fri
MayIntercept® 2.5 Maintenance5/22/23Mon-Fri
JuneIntercept® 2.5 Operations6/5/23Tues-Fri
JuneRoboClean® (RC2000) Corner Cleaner Maintenance6/19/23Mon-Thurs
JulyIntercept® 2.5 Maintenance7/17/23Mon-Fri
JulySmartExtruder™+ & Pumps Maintenance7/24/23Mon-Fri
AugustRoboClean® (RC2000) Corner Cleaner Maintenance8/14/23Mon-Thurs
SeptemberIntercept® 2.5 Maintenance9/11/23Mon-Fri
SeptemberSmartExtruder™+ & Pumps Maintenance9/18/23Mon-Fri
SeptemberIntercept® 2.5 Operations9/25/23Tues-Fri
OctoberRoboClean® (RC2000) Corner Cleaner Maintenance10/16/23Mon-Thurs
NovemberIntercept® 2.5 Maintenance11/6/23Mon-Fri
NovemberSmartExtruder™+ & Pumps Maintenance11/13/23Mon-Fri
DecemberRoboClean® (RC2000) Corner Cleaner Maintenance12/4/23Mon-Thurs
DecemberIG Supervisors Workshop12/12/23Tues-Thurs

In-House Training Courses:

On-Site Training

GED will come to your site and train employees on your GED equipment.

On-Site Training Courses:

Online Training

We now have several training courses available online. Contact the GED Training Manager to enroll in online training!

Online Training Courses:

Intercept® IG Process Training

  • Intercept® IG Process Training
    • Fourth Corner Patching
    • Oven Temperature Verification
    • Washer Operations
    • Intercept® IG Processes
    • Basics of Glass Washing
    • Basics of Glass Cutting
    • And more…
  • Vinyl Training
    • RoboClean® (RC2000) Maintenance & Operations