Roll Forming Muntin System.

About InterGrid®

The InterGrid® Roll Forming Muntin System consistently turns flat, pre-painted, coiled metal into formed, punched and cut muntin bars. Patented pre-punch process ensures crisp, high quality muntins, while on-demand integrated manufacturing produces exact size muntin assemblies (2200 per shift). The system eliminates waste, shortens lead times and improves product quality lead times. The fully integrated software system exactly matches muntins with cut glass and spacer sizes to reduce work in process.


  • One-touch remakes and rush units for quick turnaround to reduce production bottlenecks
  • Patented pre-punch design with component sequencing that eliminates scratching and cleaning while ensuring easy assembly
  • Two-tone material grid capabilities differentiate your windows and multiple color pattern combinations
  • GED Software compatible, with integrated sequencing of muntin units and one-piece flow production, including remakes
  • Compatible with GED’s Two-Tone products