RoboClean® Corner Cleaner Maintenance

GED’s RoboClean® Twin-Head Vinyl Corner Cleaner is an automated robotic vinyl window fabrication machine that cleans the weld seam on window frame and sash.

This 2½ day course is designed to provide maintenance technicians and maintenance supervisors with a comprehensive knowledge of the setup and calibration of GED’s RoboClean® (RC2000). The course offers plenty of hands-on experience in mechanic setup, machine adjustments and troubleshooting.

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Machine Overview

  • General operation
  • Function of all switches & controls
  • Use of the Teach Pendent
  • Tool Path Editing
    Preventive maintenance guidelines, schedule, & checklist
    Updating the Revolution Counters
    Tool Replacement & Setup
    Corner Recognition
    Electrical & mechanical troubleshooting