Sparklike Laser Integrated™

Non-destructive insulating gas measurement station integrated to the IG-line

About Sparklike Laser Integrated™

In 2018 Sparklike introduced the Sparklike Laser Integrated™ (previously called Sparklike Online™). Sparklike Laser Integrated™ is an automated insulating gas measurement station, which is integrated in the IG production line.

Sharing the measuring technology of the Sparklike Laser Portable™ devices, Sparklike Laser Integrated™ enhances the quality control to the new level. Insulating glass units are measured automatically after the gas press, and all the results are recorded to its memory and are possible to be sent back to the IG-line or its ERP-system.

For double and triple glazed insulating glass units with coatings and lamination

Sparklike Laser Integrated™ measures the insulating gas concentration on triple and double glazed units. Measurement can be done also through coatings, and laminated glasses and cavities are measured individually.

Sparklike Laser Integrated™ is based on laser technology (TDLAS). The device measures oxygen, and the results are converted to concentration of argon, krypton, and other insulating gases.


  • Automatic non-destructive measurement
  • Integration to any insulating glass assembly line
  • Control and optimization of gas press
  • Complete turn-key installation is available
  • All produced insulating glass units are measured for complete quality control records
  • Measurements included in the quality report — traceability
  • Further control of the gas press — better fill with different IGU sizes and length/ width ratios
  • No other quality control needed — savings with labor and check-samples and no human errors
  • Sales argument in insulating glass sales
  • Utilizes technology based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS)
  • Thickness measurement accuracy ± 50 μm (*)
  • Repeatability of the gas measurements ± 2 % (*,**)
  • Measuring time DGU 9-20 s, TGU 16-30 s
  • Measurement location in Y-axis adjustable
  • Scalable to any IG-line height
  • All measurement results are stored and transferable to ERP/IG-line
  • The laser does not contact the insulating glass line
  • A flat floor and 700 mm free area needed
  • Safety covers and machine safety features based on local directives

* Typical construction of the insulating glass unit

** At least 30 measurements are needed that 95 % confidence interval is valid

Sparklike Product Comparison

General Sparklike FAQs

Sparklike devices are built to last for many years of services. In fact, GED calibrates and maintains devices today that are sometimes up to 8 to 10 years old. As with any other products, careful handling and annual maintenance/calibration of the device prolongs the device(s) usability. There isn’t a specific number of years to expect as the life of a Sparklike device because that is mostly affected by how the device is used on daily basis, but a general recommendation is 8 to 10 years.

Sparklike devices are quantitative tools that measure noble gases concentrations in insulating glass. The correlation of the measurement to a pass/fail criterion is entirely left to the user to conclude and cannot be made on the user’s behalf.

Sparklike devices can be used to determine a noble gas (Argon/Krypton, etc.) concentration as a percentage. Successive measurements taken from the same subject IG can quantify gas loss percentage. If rapid loss of gas is detected, it would mean the hermitic seal of the insulating glass unit has been breached either temporarily or permanently. Insulating glass units have an expected gas loss through permeability that is around 0-1-2% per year. Insulating glass units go through what is known as burst losses, that is when the environmental conditions surrounding the IG forces the gas to vent through the seal, and the seal would then reclose preventing further gas from escaping.

There is no MSDS sheet readily available for the Sparklike products. The only hazardous material contained in the devices is Li-Ion batteries (LP2.0 has 96Wh capacity and Handhelds have 29Wh capacity).

The same as with any IG unit: we must get in with the laser and out with the reflection. This is a bit tricky as it depends on the bending radius. Based on my experience R6000mm and bigger radii (i.e., flatter) should be possible. Anything exact must be tested.

An extra Argon tank is only necessary for non-manufacturers or those wishing to take measurements away from the manufacturing area. 21″ tall and 7″ diameter UN1006 ARGON, COMPRESSED 2.2 ARGON UHP GR 5.0 SIZE 35 DGA 580. Most manufacturing customers will not need an extra argon tank. They can use the supply of argon that they use to fill their IG units.

We recommend charging the Handheld once it drops below 14 V.  The low battery message will show up once it goes below 13 V.

Device Calibration & Repair

GED IG Experts will provide Sparklike Handheld™ calibration and repair services to new and existing Sparklike customers across North America from its headquarters in Ohio as part of being certified as a Sparklike Service Center Partner. Read more about Sparklike Services.