About the partnership

GED & Sparklike

GED is partnering with Sparklike Oy to distribute the world’s first and only non-destructive IG gas analyzers to fenestration products manufacturers in North America. As of January 1, 2021, all sales of Sparklike products in the U.S., Canada and Mexico will be handled by GED.


The Latest In IG Measuring Devices

Sparklike Laser Portable 2.0

Sparklike Laser Portable™ 2.0

Measures insulating gas concentration on triple and double glazed units.

Sparklike Handheld 3.0 feature image

Sparklike Handheld™ 3.0

The practical and quick method to test IG Argon or Krypton gas concentration.

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VIsit the GED Store to shop sparlike devices and accessories, plus over 20,000 genuine OEM parts for GED machines.

Service & calibration

Calibration Lab at GED

Additionally, GED IG Experts will provide Sparklike Handheld™ calibration and repair services to new and existing Sparklike customers across North America from its headquarters in Ohio as part of being certified as a Sparklike Service Center Partner.

We Can Help. See Our FAQ

  • A warm-edge spacer
  • A machine that manufacturers the warm-edge spacer
  • A system that produces insulated glass units

Since 1991, Intercept® warm edge spacer fabrication systems and Intercept spacer materials have been helping window and door manufacturers around the globe to produce the best quality, stainless steel spacers while saving money and labor.

You can visit our product pages for Intercept® 2.5 and Intercept i-3 spacer fabrication systems to view equipment features and benefits, watch videos, and download sales literature sheets. To request technical specifications, fill out a form.

  • Depending on the configuration for you, an Intercept® will produce 50 to 60 IGUs per person per hour
  • Competitive lines may produce 23 IGUs per person per hour at best

GED’s Intercept® 2.5 and Intercept i-3 spacer fabrication systems, together with SmartExtruder™+ sealant and desiccant application system, IG Oven & Roll Press, TurboCool™ IG cooling system, and RoboSeal™ gas fill, close, and seal system make up the complete line of  IGU production equipment.

GED has recently released the new Intercept LiteLock™ extruder tip for GED Extruders, as well as Intercept SureLock™ spacer locking technology for easy spacer folding.

  • The spacer material is less expensive to source and produce per linear foot
  • The Intercept® system is modular – you add equipment as you need it
  • The Intercept® system is built for high capacity – you don’t have to add an new line to gain more units per shift
  • Typical vertical lines requires 3x the equipment (and expense), 3x the labor, 3x the space, and 3x the cost of the IGU

If you want proof of any claims above, please contact us using the form above – we would welcome the opportunity to help you take control of your IGU products, and at a total lower cost.

Sparklike Contacts

Technical Contact
Ash Hussein

Ash Hussein

O: 440-600-8532
M: 330-289-5936
Calibration Technician
Aaron Brasdovich

Aaron Brasdovich

O: 440-600-8534

Product Sales
Michelle Murray profile photo

Michelle Murray

O: 440-600-8605
M: 216-375-6424