Stainless Steel Glass Washer

Safe. Quiet. Smart.

About Stainless Steel Glass Washer

This revolutionary washer improves washing and drying of pre-cut glass for IGUs.  Operators are no longer exposed to dangerous chain-driven rollers with the addition of simple, safe, easily replaceable drive belts.  Operators can now see the entire processing area – as the full length of the washer is utilized – and do not have to wear OSHA required hearing protection.  With stainless steel material throughout, the manufacturer is ensured corrosion-free long life performance even when running DI water.  Its Flow Meters monitor water flow to meet manufacturers’ specifications and reduce water consumption.


  • Low profile washer design allows operators to see entire processing area
  • 100% stainless steel construction is fully DI compatible
  • Low maintenance ring roller drive system
  • Fully brushed pre-wash section
  • Super Scroll™ Quick Clean-Out System for easy removal of broken glass
  • Revolutionary air knife design
  • Sleep mode automatically cycles to keep brushes fully wet when conveyors are off
  • Four independent sections (pre-wash, wash, pre-rinse and final rinse) eliminates cross-contamination and controls water temperature
  • Standard super quiet operation (<85 dbA)
  • Modular sections for easy maintenance
  • Quick disconnect spray nozzles

Product Family



84" and 96" options

Upgrade Options

  • Air Knife Height Adjustment Kit
  • Spare Parts Kits
  • Jib Crane for Raising and Lowering Sections
  • Push button master start interlock kit
  • 36” Powered Entry Conveyor Extension