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About i-Sight


i-Sight provides current and historical analysis of production data and material usage, which provides supervisors a complete understanding of insulating glass unit and window production.

i-Sight Apps

i-Sight has three apps that can be implemented independently or as a group.

IG Production App

IG Equipment

  • Intercept® 2.5
  • Intercept® i-3
  • ContourGrid™
  • InterGrid™

Data Points / Features

  • Dashboards of muntin and
  • Intercept® information
  • Schedule Status viewer

Vinyl Production App

Vinyl Equipment

  • Saws
  • Welders (B&R)
  • RoboClean® Cleaners

Data Points / Features

  • Reporting of Lineal usage and cycle time
  • Data export of production and maintenance information

Glass Production App

Glass Equipment

  • CleanCut™ 1700 Series
  • CleanCut™ 1800 Series
  • Legacy GED cutting tables

Data Points / Features

  • Reporting for managing glass cutting operation
    Data export of glass usage information


Data & Dashboard

Real-time data logging and dashboard of GED machinery to keep supervisors in touch with:

  • Machine production rates
  • Glass yields rates
  • Remake rates
  • MDI (Manual Data Input) rates
  • Manufacturing KPIs

    Real-time KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for manufacturing processes as they happen

    Inventory & Manufacturing Control

    Allows usage data to be returned to the ERP system


    Text and email alerts to maintenance supervisors of machine performance and idle times

    Production Reports & Graphs

    Printed or emailed for any date and time range


    i-Sight Data Manager Services & Data Manger Console Minimum Requirements:
    Windows Server
    4 GB RAM
    320 GB Hard Drive
    Microsoft SQL Server
    i-Sight Data Manager Client Minimum Requirements:
    Windows 10
    4 GB RAM
    100 GB Hard Drive