Water Purification Systems

Purify and reuse your water with an AquaSave® or AquaFresh™ system from GED

About Water Purification Systems

Why do you need to purify your water?

A water purification system does two main things:

  1. Increases seal integrity

  2. Filters & recirculates water

AquaFresh™ and AquaSave® are closed-looped systems that recirculate and re-filter water back into the glass washing machine.  These modular, zero-use systems save water, saving you money, while standard washers pump tap water into drains.  GED’s Water Purification Systems remove minerals from water to make glass molecularly clean.  Water droplets and spots decrease the life of a machine because of scale buildup with use of hard water.  But with the use of a purification system, visual quality of the glass surface is improved by ensuring the absence of water spots and water droplets that impede adhesion.

Easy to maintain with long-lasting filters, Water Treatment Systems from GED provide better water quality while using less, allowing you to take control of your costs and water quality.  The systems filter water well beyond glass company recommendations, and will increase unit quality and sealant integrity.  Custom engineered solutions from GED can fit your exact requirements, with seamless integration.  Eliminate the hassle and cost of tank trade-in programs and own your system instead of “renting.”


Use to reduce presence of minerals in the water.


Use to eliminate harmful scale buildup on glass.


  • Full RO systems or modular zero-use systems
  • Patented filter media materials increase water quality and reduce usage by up to 90%
  • Calibrated backwash and tank replacement alarms
  • Custom engineered for GED’s glass washers, with seamless integration
  • Rugged palletized storage stand increases organization and safety