IGU Window Assembly Table 2.0®

About IGU Window Assembly Table 2.0®

Produce more IG units and improve product quality with a comprehensive system that automates assembly. Machine controlled consistency ensures uniform, high-quality  products. With advanced safety features to protect operators from glass breakage-related injuries, this system provides an optimum level of production as it sends glass through the oven using the most energy efficient mode. It can automatically assemble large or small units in any order or combination while maintaining consistent, accurate alignments. This system is built to last, with easy maintenance and reliable uptime.


  • Innovative conveyor design eliminates handling and scratching of glass
  • The machine sets the production rate to pace the plant’s glass line
  • Automatically aligns and assembles lites
  • Minimizes the chance of glass breakage and damage
  • Eliminates operator handling of glass
  • Sends IGUs through appropriate heating zone in accordance to GED’s 3550 oven design
  • Seamless integration into existing GED Intercept® line
  • Automatic assembly of large units and patio doors
  • Straight-through or turn configurations allow it to fit into any plant layout
  • Designed to be flexible, handling small and large units
  • Advanced engineering combined with heavy-duty construction