Muntin System.

About ContourGrid

The ContourGrid™ Muntin System consistently turns flat, pre-painted, coiled aluminum into custom punched, formed, cut and shape-routed contour muntins. ContourGrid assembles 1000 muntins per shift, eliminates waste, shortens lead times and improves product quality. Match muntins exactly with cut glass and spacer sizes to reduce work in process, plus utilize complete factory floor integration for one-piece flow, remake and diagnostic information. Dramatically reduce manpower requirements within your muntin department while eliminating scratching and cleaning to provide a great looking final product. You can further differentiate your windows using multiple color pattern combinations. With the patented Joiner System and its innovative design, you’ll get clean, crisp intersections, reduced scratches and fast assembly for a better looking unit.


  • On-demand integrated manufacturing of exact size muntin assemblies
  • Fully integrated software system
  • Simplistic assembly design
  • Patented hidden joiner system and fish mouth router design
  • Two-Tone material available
  • GED Software/WinIG® compatible
  • Compatible with GED’s Two-Tone raw material
  • Valance “T” intersection compatible