CMM 2.0™

Reinvented Colonial Muntin Machine

About CMM 2.0™

The new generation of the tried-and-true Colonial Muntin Machine, the reinvented CMM 2.0 adds cutting edge technologies in hardware and software to an already tested muntin processing system that GED had revolutionized the industry with in the mid-90s.


  • State-of-the-art B&R control system integrates with the machine interface to provide motion and IO control, guaranteeing a long machine service life and providing cutting edge built-in technologies, such as remote diagnostics.
  • Automatic material clamping enables the machine to sense material presence and in time perform auto clamping, which provides hands-free operation, saving time.
  • Presence Sensing Device Initiation Technology (PSDI) establishes a digital light curtain that disables machine movement, reducing risk and liability of improper machine operation.
  • Visual machine status indicator uses stationary light beacons to communicate machine status to an operator, improving machine usability and shortening operator delay between cycles.
  • Quick change tooling means each tooling station takes less than 1 minute to change, which helps the maintain high production capacity and production variability.
  • Optional saw with automatic safety lock and innovative machine design allows for cutting saw integration during or after initial equipment purchase, leading to greater throughput and improvements in quality by reducing material handling.
  • High production throughput allows the machine to process lineals up 13’ and notches up to 5 locations at once for up to 2,000 lineals in an 8-hour shift by one operator, improving production scheduling and reducing overhead costs.
  • Seamlessly integrates with GED Software (WinGrid) which receives batch information from WinIG® resulting in less data maintenance with new stock introductions.
  • Forklifting access ready— designed with flexibility in mind, the machine is easy to move around if needed using the pre-existing lift access points, providing ease of positioning and movement.
  • On-screen diagnostics and ethernet connectivity—a single I/O cable connects the control cabinet to the machine peripherals providing quick on-screen fault detection and remote diagnostics capabilities.
  • Optional storage cabinet size and location make it perfect to store tooling, supplies, and operator gear, and reduces non-value-added transport time and provides operator comfort.
  • Production clarity—the operator can plan ahead using the on-screen sequenced machine events to reduce operator delay and improve material flow.
  • On-Screen bin sequencing allows the machine to display the bin or storage location to the operator, which reduces potential operator sorting errors and improves material flow.

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Colonial Muntin Machine

Upgrade Options

  • Custom tooling sizes
  • Infeed table
  • Storage cabinet
  • Saw
  • Lane with clamps or lane guides