Intercept LiteLock™

A new extruder tip and sealant bead application system for Intercept® licensees

About Intercept LiteLock™

Better Window-Making. Better Windows.

The Intercept LiteLock™ system by GED Integrated Solutions and Vitro is a new extruder tip and sealant bead application system that provides licensees of Intercept® insulating glass technology with extraordinary efficiency, performance and quality improvements.

Intercept LiteLock™ facilitates up to 20% faster IG Oven & Roll Press processing speed while creating a wider processing window. The impact on the Intercept® insulating glass unit (IGU)? A more consistent and secure spacer seal that maximizes window insulating performance. The impact on your operations? Not only more speed, but also reduced energy consumption, precise sealant application, and a smoother, more forgiving application process. LiteLock also has been rigorously tested with triple glazed IGUs.

Upgrading your existing GED Intercept® spacer system to Intercept LiteLock™ is a minimally invasive process compatible with all GED SmartExtruder™ i-3 sealant and desiccant application systems.


High-Speed Processing

Wider Processing Window

  • Improved ability for double-glazed IGUs to achieve consistent sealant thickness over a wider range of GED IG Oven & Roll Press processing variables
  • Consistent seal thickness on all four sealant layers with triple IGUs
  • More tolerant of spacer splay and handling damage during spacer folding
  • Proper sealant wet-out that is less dependent on spacer splay

Improved Glass and Spacer Adhesion

  • Greater surface area of the sealant is exposed to IR heating in the GED IG Oven & Roll Press – 48% more than standard extruder tips
  • Less dependent on roll pressing to move sealant to final dimensionally tolerant position
  • Reduction of air entrapment along the original wet-out contact point for superior adhesion to glass

Sealant Material Reduction

  • Precise application and reduced squeeze-out minimizes waste
  • Elimination of material press-out the back of Intercept spacers
  • Reduces possibility of unwanted sealant beyond the glass edge
  • Reduces sealant sticking to carts and gloves

Robust Triple IG Processing

  • Rigorously tested process with thickness/temperature recommendations

Optimized Process Efficiency

  • High speed, low-temperature processing through IG Oven & Roll Press
  • Energy savings (electric to run IG Oven & Roll Press)
  • Faster IR heating of sealant due to increased surface area vs. standard tips

Easy to Upgrade

  • Minimally invasive upgrade
  • Compatible with all GED SmartExtruder™ i-3 sealant and desiccant application systems