Consistently turns flat, pre-painted, coiled metal into formed, punched and cut muntin bars.
  • One-touch remakes and rush units for quick turnaround to reduce production bottlenecks
  • Patented pre-punch design with component sequencing that eliminates scratching and cleaning while ensuring easy assembly
  • Two-tone material grid capabilities differentiate your windows and multiple color pattern combinations


With its patented Joiner System and its innovative design, it gives you clean, crisp intersections, reduced scratches and fast assembly for a better looking unit.
  • On-demand integrated manufacturing of exact size muntin assemblies
  • Patented hidden joiner system and fish mouth router design
  • Compatible with GED’s Two-Tone raw material

Two-Tone Material

With so many color and wood grain combinations, fabricators now have another option to differentiate their product offerings.
  • Over twenty combinations of solid colors and wood grains are available for GED’s InterGrid® and ContourGrid™ Muntin Systems
  • UV ink fusion technology passes Canadian fog and UV exposure testing and maintains IGU airspace integrity
  • Stunning visual design of wood grains never before available