Screen Frame Machine

About Screen Frame Machine

Window and door fabricators can bring screen work in-house, saving time and money, with GED’s Screen Frame Machine–the only one of its kind available in the industry!  Add efficiency, quality, organization and productivity to your screen frame manufacturing operation.  The screen machine roll forms pre-painted coiled aluminum into custom formed and cut screen bars ready for assembly.  Our computer-controlled roll forming and cutting processes, along with automatic sequencing, reduces labor and eliminates regrouping bar pieces for assembly, handling and errors.  Automation further reduces handling, material scratching and secondary fabrication.  Material for this system is 15-40% less expensive than pre-cut lineal bars, and waste is reduced by as much as 20%!


  • System software provides easy-to-use production interface and simple troubleshooting
  • Software sequencing and organization module
  • Pre-slit coiled aluminum reduces scrap and material costs
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI) with order entry system and window production requirements
  • Computer-controlled accuracy provides consistent accurate pre-bow, length accuracy and punching consistency
  • Depending on profile, bars produced exceed the ANSI/SMA standard for residential screens
  • Software is configurable to include cross bar
  • Screen frames are produced in the proper sequence