Inspection Station

Say hello to simplicity

About Inspection Station

Improve your IG unit assembly with a visual display of IGU components and their orientation in the production sequence with  Inspection Station.  With seamless integration of repair and rush units by barcode scanning or manual entry, IGU assembly operators can easily identify units that are completed, rejected or not processed.  This software creates “Lean” processes by automatically sending “Accept or Repair” labels directly to specified stations.  In addition, it allows standardization of a common inspection / identification system from “Glass Marking” to “Smart Oven” operation for a simple way to increase production efficiency.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 10
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 100 GB Hard Drive
  • Microsoft SQL Express


  • Visually displays current, assembled IGUs and up to next 2 IGUs of a production sequence
  • Insert repair or rush IGUs into the production sequence
  • Easy “Single Touch” (touch screen or foot pedal) operation buttons, with process status and rejection status symbols
  • Automatically prints “Accept or Reject” labels to defined printers
  • Two operational modes, “Glass” or “Unit”, allow interfacing to external plant processes
  • Print IG Label “On Demand”
  • Print Reject Label to Cutter, Grid, and Spacer systems
  • Records production numbers for i-Sight