CleanCut™ 1700 & 1800 Series

Glass Cutting & Deletion System

About CleanCut™ 1700 & 1800 Series

The new CleanCut Series includes includes 1700/1800 models (for cutting) and 1700-D/1800-D models (cutting and deletion) boasts enhanced speed, updated technical features, and increased throughput while maintaining the options manufacturers want when selecting a glass production system.


Criteria1700 Series1800 Series
Glass Sheet SizeMinMaxMinMax
Plate Outside Dimensions48″x60″72″x102″48”x60”96”x130”
Thickness2.5mm (0.093″)6mm (0.25″)2.5mm (0.093″)6mm (0.25″)
Cutting Accuracy (after breakout)+/- 1/64″ non-accumulative+/- 1/64″ non-accumulative
Scoring Velocity6000 IPM6000 IPM
Deletion Accuracy       +/- 1/32” from centerline +/- 1/32” from centerline
Deletion Velocity4500 IPM4500 IPM


  • Short cutting-head travel path‒where the cutting post to glass relative position is automatically adjusted based on glass stock thickness‒leads to a reduction in nonvalue added runtime and allows for greater throughput.
  • Powered by GED Software with on-screen diagnostics and ethernet connectivity that has a single I/O cable connecting the control cabin to the machine peripherals, providing quick on-screen fault detection and remote diagnostics capabilities.
  • Easily accessible cutting fluid reservoir (where the air powered, single gallon, see-through reservoir is mounted to the bottom of the cutting table) is easily refilled in minutes, ensuring maximum score quality, preventing unplanned downtime and eliminating leaks on the cutting table.
  • HEPA vacuum filter with replaceable air filter clears the air from irritable glass particles. A filter change indicator shows when it’s time for a filter replacement to ensures a safe and conformable work environment while meeting and exceeding air quality regulations.
  • Seamless integration with GED Software, the machine connects to WinIG® to extract batch and cut file(s) information. No additional software setup is required, which means less data maintenance with new stock introduction.
  • Single bridge cutting table with proprietary edge deletion head option for a highly flexible system that allows you to implement the system that fits your needs and budget and allows for field modifications to add deletion head if required.
  • Programmable cutting and deletion force uses electro-pneumatic actuation to deliver precise amounts of pressure for each glass stock resulting in reduced glass waste due to breakage, improved scoring and deletion quality and reduced operations disruption.
  • Rapid processing time from start to finish improves glass load time(s) and optimizes motor acceleration and time driven events profiles to maximize glass throughput to achieve exceptional per unit time.
  • New stationary belt drive system has a unique, low-backlash drive design that provides high-precision and allows for high speed and high-acceleration to deliver better performance with less maintenance.
  • True servo drive of GED patented deletion head is a direct drive system that eliminates slipping due the absence of coupling components, improves edge deletion quality, provides longer deletion wheel service life, and requires less maintenance.
  • Enhanced perimeter fencing with automatic lockout features in which the fencing encloses the cutting and deletion bridge to ensure a safe operation.
  • Regenerative braking system feeds unused power back to grid to provide energy savings and reduce the elimination of braking resistors and excessive heat generation.

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Upgrade Options

  • Edge deletion can be ordered as standard or as an after-market modification