MXS Series

Zero-scrap double mitre/straight cut saws

About MXS Series

The MXS Series double mitre/straight cut saws provide durable operation with minimal waste.  They are configured with the 45° angle double mitre saw heads from the MX Series, plus a third saw head for straight cutting at a 90° angle.  The unique linear traveling motion of the saw heads allows these saws to create ‘zero-scrap’ when cutting mitred parts from extruded lineals. The ‘zero-scrap’ feature eliminates the ½” of scrap normally created in conventional double mitre saws. Available in 14” blade capacity for cutting vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wood and other non-ferrous materials, the saws assure minimal reliance on an operator for consistently accurate cuts with a cut accuracy repeatability of ± 0.005”. The machines are built to meet specific applications, are immediately operational and provide many years of service.


  • Three independent linear traveling saw heads
  • Individual timing belt drive with precision machined spindles with double bearing support
  • Foot pedal activated with individual pneumatic air cylinder feed
  • Selection of three different saw cycles: mitre/mitre, straight, mitre/straight
  • Heavy-duty machined components for saw head and motor base
  • Independent “criss-cross” linear saw slide motion producing “scrapless” cut
  • Adjustable saw feed rate control
  • Dual magnetic motor starter with 24V push button control
  • Precision ground steel work table and front fence