Hot Melt Pump for Insultating Glass Unit Production

Precision. Durability. Dependability.

About Hot Melt Pump for Insultating Glass Unit Production

Specifically designed for IGU production, GED’s pumps are the most efficient and rugged on the market, giving you long-term dependability.  The systems provide precision control throughout, which ensures proper material flow, and the control interface gives you system and diagnostic feedback.  They are also exclusively designed for IGU high flow rate pumping and offer improved uptime with consistent material quality.  Operators are alerted in advance of a drum change, which reduces outage in the middle of a shift.  Prevent system over-pressures and expensive component replacements with this durable design for real world production.


  • Multi-zone electronic temperature monitoring system
  • Designed for Intercept® or handgun systems
  • Automatic overheat monitoring
  • With automatic preheat routine there are no delays or ‘wait time’ at the start of each shift
  • Material level sensing system
  • Innovative pneumatic control circuit prevents system overpressures
  • Non-stick follower plate for easy maintenance and cleaning, especially for DSE materials
  • Finned follower plate achieves maximum melt rate
  • Custom control circuit interfaces with Smart Extruder Plus
  • Long life pump seals